Drakkenhall City of Monsters

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The Emperor expected a city of monsters to destroy itself, but instead the Blue and her people have created a city that’s wickedly unique: Drakkenhall!

 • Make a splash in the social season alongside a fashionista ooze!

 • Spend the night at a dybbuk inn at the docks, where possession is a perk!

 • Dodge the amputation golems until you can get your healing spells back!

 • Explore the Rubblehoods, the neighborhoods that have been left as monstrously energetic ruins!

 • Shop (OK, OK, plunder) the Goblin Market and admire (fight) its pet otyughs!

 • Prove yourself as the most dangerous monster of all-an Adventurer worthy of joining the S.M.A.S.H. Society!

Drakkenhall: City of Monsters is a 13th Age sourcebook for GMs running adventurer and champion-tier campaigns. Contents include Ailor the Draco-Druid, kaiju shark mooks, 60 other monsters, the secret history of the Dragon’s Orc statue, a couple gnarly ideas for replacing missing limbs, urban planning notes (city of monster-style), and light rules and guidelines for sea travel in the Dragon Empire that Gareth managed to slip into the chapter on the Docks!

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