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n the heat of the moment, whether or not an encountered blob of deadly ooze is technically classified as a monster or a “dungeon hazard” means little to the adventurers. A patch of green slime that kills the party’s hireling is every bit as terrifying and deadly as a gelatinous cube. In some instances, the slime may be even scarier since it is so easy to overlook the threat of a dangerous slime after one too many encounters with banal, dull slimes.

As with all of my creative works, the ideas presented within this booklet are intended solely to inspire the gamemaster and not as the “word from above.” If you are unhappy with one of the slimes as described, or wish to add more special abilities to a slime, those changes are as close as your imagination. 

To keep the players guessing, nothing is stopping you from applying the basic concepts of a particular slime to an existing dungeon hazard. Perhaps that gray slime is a deviant contentious slime, a dangerous trick to play on adventurers who have encountered gray slimes in the past and feel confident that they know how to best deal with the jelly-like ooze. 

I hope the slimes within this title cause the player characters in your campaign a great deal of suffering

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