Necromunda: Ash Wastes

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Take your games of Necromunda into the great outdoors with the massive Ash Wastes boxed set. This gives you a completely new high-speed way to play as you fight for domination in the open desert.

The box includes two complete gangs – 10 Orlocks on foot and two hardy Outrider Quads, and the never-before-seen Ash Wastes Nomad gang, who bring four Dustback Helamite riders to the (raiding) party.


There’s also new multi-layered terrain for your fighters to clamber over, fight on, and fall off.


The box includes everything else you need to play Necromunda. There are tokens, cards, dice, templates, a playing mat, and an updated rule book – which features all of the basic rules for the game (indoor and outdoor) as well as new rules for mounted fighters and vehicles. Everything’s been updated and clarified for the new edition.

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