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  • (PREORDER) Aldarra (Kickstarter All In)
  • (PREORDER) Aldarra (Kickstarter All In)
  • (PREORDER) Aldarra (Kickstarter All In)
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Aldarra is a fast-paced 4x combat focused strategy game. 152 massive and finely detailed miniatures will be your tools to ensure your opponents' destruction. In addition to non-stop combat (and some great mechanics to always keep you in the fight), you will explore map tiles to gain boons, collect resources like sordalite crystals, and complete secondary objectives to propel you to victory.


It's a brutal fight for resources and crystals to build your fleets.

Miniatures in Aldarra are finely detailed and huge. They make an impactful visual on the table when you have your whole fleet set up for action. Here, the Cin'darian Empire clashes with the Arrodan Syndicate over a sordalite crystal deposit.



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