Latte Throwdown

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Product Overview

Latte Art is one of the most easily-recognized and appreciated skills in the coffee business. A Latte Art Throwdown is a gathering of Baristas who compete to create the most perfect designs in the luxurious foam atop their skillfully poured lattes. These fun-filled events bring Baristas and their local fans together to enjoy a light-hearted competition as latte after latte is poured, artfully designed and scored.

In LATTE THROWDOWN, each player is a Barista, ready to show off their latte art abilities. On their turn, Baristas roll their dice and attempt to be the first to match the combination of die values shown on each Latte card. The first Barista to reach 20 points is the winner! It’s not quite that simple, however, as each Barista may also use their dice to reveal a trick or two up their sleeves. So, when ready, hold your pitcher steady, keep an eye on the other Baristas and don’t spill your milk.

Latte Throwdown - Gameboard
Latte Cards
Barista Cards
30 Dice and 4 Play Pieces (actual dice may differ in production version)

Compete to score points by matching your dice roll to the Latte Card dice combination shown at the pour locations.

1 - Roll your dice

2 - Place Dice on the Latte Pour Location

3 - Barista Card Powers Change Outcomes

4 - Score your Latte Win