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Kiitos is a fast-tempo, card-based word game with novel, simple rules and deep, emergent game play.

You are not trying to make a word with the letters in your hand, but with those letters and the letters that may or may not be in your opponents’ hands.

The first player plays a letter and says a target word. The next player plays the next letter of the word from their hand if they have it. If they don’t then they can play a different letter and change the target word. If they can’t think of a word to change it to with the letters in their hand then they have to pick up the played letters into their negative pile. If a target word is completed the player who set the target word picks up the word into their positive pile.

The game has two modes: Kiitos, where the words are built up from left to right and Super-Kiitos, where the words are built up in either direction. The full game flips dynamically between the two modes.

If target word was WORLDS and you didn’t have an S to follow with, in Kiitos WORLD could be changed into WORLDLY or WORLDWIDE with an L or a W. In Super-Kiitos additionally with an R or M perhaps you could think of UNDERWORLD or DREAMWORLD

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