GeneFunk 2090: Shadows of Korea

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Expected release date is 30th May 2021

Product Overview

GeneFunk 2090. A biopunk/cyberpunk RPG and setting made using the D&D 5E Open Gaming License. Players take on the role of elite mercenaries that specialize in investigation and violence. No magic or fantasy, but tons of cybernetics, genetic enhancements, nanobots, drones, hacking, androids, and high-tech gear!

Sandbox for Busan, Korea, in 2090. This bustling port-city is filled with intrigue, commerce, and crime. Corporate, criminal, and political powers battle for influence, technology, and turf; a perfect storm for you and your cadre of mercs to climb the ladder of chaos. 

5 Criminal Empires on the Brink of War. Busan harbor is an international trade-nexus and prize turf for smuggling. Control of the ports is hotly contested between North and South Korean Jopok, Fukuoka Yakuza, Vladivostok Bratva, and a Shanghai Triad. An uneasy truce could be easily shattered, sending these crime syndicate behemoths into an all out war. Fertile ground for mercs like you. 

Corporate Competition. Cutthroat politics and trade-secret espionage permeate this tech-fattened city, with Ronin International, Hexie, Omnitech, Virtruvian, and the Tri-Nation Union all making power plays for dominance. They're all inclined to give you a chance to sway the odds in their favor. 

Choose which factions to side with and catapult you and your cadre to fame, riches, and glory!

A synth expressing his feelings towards someone who crossed him. Courtesy of Dean Spencer.
A Doekkebi coming out of cloaking to ambush his prey