Asunder: The Keepers Tome

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Asunder is a dark tabletop RPG set in a world without metal where plants and insects have been transformed into living weapons and machines. Created by Adam Lawson, director of Wil Wheaton's TableTop, Spellslingers, Sagas of Sundry and Escape the Night. It uses the Shadow of the Demon Lord game system created by Rob Schwalb.


In Asunder, the divine Essence inside humans bonded with elements of their world, allowing them to reshape plants and insects into living weapons, command beasts, grow multiple limbs, defy gravity and wield Chaos.

A mushroom village near the Twins. They harvest night shrooms for their healing properties.

But things have changed. Gaia, the source of life, has begun to devour the land. The dead, infected by fungi, have started to rise, plagues sweep the jungles, and Chaos shards bursts from beneath the earth.

A Mainland Seeker uncovers a Chaos Shard in the Naga swamps.

Players take on the role of Seekers; those who've seen the signs of the end of the world and cannot turn away. Their story is your story.

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