Monsterpocalypse: Gargoyle Monoliths & Temple Monoliths - First Guardians Unit

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Unmoving for eons, Gargoyle Monoliths spend most their lives asleep. Easily mistaken for ornamentation on high walls and buildings, these stone birds fortify any building they occupy, acting as cornerstones in the First Guardians forces by helping them take and hold ground from the enemy. Their flightless counterparts, the Temple Monolith, are sacred relics, created by the Master of Xolotl to act as custodians over his temples and to ensure they are never in ill repair, even in times of war.

The Gargoyle Monolith and the Temple Monolith are First Guardians units with Protection and denial that can join any Protectors force. Gargoyle Monoliths are flying statues as they act as the cornerstones of the First Guardians' defense. Their job is to fortify the buildings of the cities they are assigned to protect. Temple Monoliths are true Guardians through and through, helping soften the impact of damage to monsters. Then they come behind and Repair the city to its rightful state.

Metal components.

5 Miniatures
  ‣ 2 Temple Monoliths
  ‣ 3 Gargoyle Monoliths
5 Square Acrylic Bases (30mm)
2 Stat Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.

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