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The small town of Sweetwater Gulch has found itself in the midst of chaos - again - when a rogue colonel and his men attempting to break an informant out of jail are mistaken for federal officers attempting to trap the LeRoy Gang inside the Sweetwater bank in the midst of their heist. The gunshots alert the Sherriff and his deputies, one taking a bullet to the gut before he can grab his pistol, while a small warband of Mkwa hunters tracking the colonel decide now is the time to have their vengeance against those defiling their sacred lands.

Who will win the day once the gunsmoke and pandemonium settles? Pick your Posse and find out!

High Noon is a turn-based tactical board game set in a fictional turn-of-the-century Wild West universe where players vie for dominance using various posses of deadly variety. Draw from your unique posse decks to equip your characters with the skills, abilities, attacks and defenses they'll need to get ahead. Loot payload crates whenever possible to gain the advantage over your enemies and collect gold for killing or dealing damage on your turn. The player with the most gold at the end of 12 rounds wins the day.

High Noon's unique and simple game system requires no dice. All movement and actions are baked into the cards, character sheets and phases of each turn.

Each turn is broken down into phases

1. Movement (All characters can move up to their speed)

2. Action (All characters may perform one action)

3. Draw 3 cards (Player must discard down to 9 cards in hand before drawing)

All of the critical information for each character is contained within their respective sheets.

There are 3 types of cards you can draw: Basic and Special cards from your posse deck and Loot cards from the Loot decks. Basic cards have attack and defense values while Special cards may have those values and also instructions on when and how to play them.

To calculate damage in combat, simply subtract the defense number of the defender's card from the attack number on the attacker's card and move the poker chip along the health meter on the defender's character sheet.

Loot cards are critical for a posse's survival. Whether they are extra weapons for characters short on basic attacks, armor or modifying gear to make their characters stronger or consumables to give them a temporary boost, never pass up the opportunity to loot. 

Loot cards are drawn when a character reaches a loot crate. Draw three Loot cards from the matching deck, choose one to add to your character's inventory, and discard the others. 

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