Giga-Bites Warhammer 40k May GT

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Giga-Bites May 2024 GT Player Pack

May 18-19, Giga-bites cafe, Marietta, GA



  • Check-in at 9am, first round starts at 9:30am both days

  • 3 hour rounds. 3 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday.

  • Max 40 players, possibility to add more as we get closer

  • 2000pts, GW missions and layouts. Missions TBD but posted prior to the event

  • Models are required to be painted to a two color minimum to get the 10pts paint score each round. Two color minimum = a base coat + one other color.

  • Chess clocks are encouraged for everyone and required for undefeated players day two.

  • Rules valid if released before list cut off. FAQ, points, and dataslate changes to be evaluated case by case if they drop near the event.

  • Pairings are wins > random. Placings are TBD. We will likely have two undefeated.

  • Lists due in Best Coast Pairings by the Sunday before at 9pm. Failure to do so without communication will result in 10pts deducted from your first round.

How to register

Purchase a ticket online at We will add everyone to the roster in the BCP around a month before the event using the email you purchased with (let me know if you would like to use a different email). If the event is full and you would like on the waitlist let me know at



We will use layouts from the GWs event pack. That means pre placed layouts. Every piece counts as a ruin (even crates or trees). First floors count as blocking line of sight. Recommend discussing terrain with your opponent pregame to make sure everything is clear.






Community Discord -


Proxies and conversions

Generally acceptable. Must be the right size and clear to your opponent. Example, don’t say that one model has a lascannon when the whole unit is modeled with bolters. Your opponent would have no way to distinguish. Please ask ahead of time if you have any doubt.


Odd numbers and byes

If we end up with an odd number of participants, one player each round will play the RINGER. Regardless of the outcome they will get a win and a minimum score of 70 pts.






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