30 Seconds to Live

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Expected release date is 29th Sep 2021

Product Overview

30 Seconds to Live is an intense gaming experience for 1-2 players, age 14+ and plays in 30m. One player is the human fighting for survival, the other player is the horde of zombies intent on cornering and eating the lone human.  Recreate the feeling of panic, chaos, and dread from the final minutes of the season finale of your favorite zombie TV show, right in your living room! To add more drama and fully experience the intensity of the zombie experience, choose to play your turn on an included  30-second timer. 30 Seconds to Live use mechanics including Variable Player Powers, Dice Rolling, Race, Action Points, Track Movement, and 'Take That'. 


**We've unlocked three social stretch goals: a new zombie and two new survivors! See the stretch goals section for details**


98 days ago, the X-Virus was discovered. It created zombies and soon it wasn’t safe to be on the streets; martial law was quickly imposed. The Survivor found refuge in a warehouse where they have been hiding ever since. Supplies running low, other survivors set out to find transportation but the zombies followed them back to the Warehouse and broke thru the defenses.

The Survivor fled out the backdoor into an alley, where the game begins. Does the Survivor take time to find weapons? To attack? Or to run?  The zombies will do everything they can to keep the Survivor from escaping, but how? Will they spend their energy on attacking? Positioning forces? Summoning a horde? Playing cards to harm the Survivor? Every choice matters and neither side has time to think thru the best options...  It's a pressure cooker where your life depends on every decision!

The Survivor player takes their entire turn (left side of the graphic), drawing and playing cards, moving and attacking, followed by the Zombie player, who also draws and plays cards, maneuvers their forces and attacks (right side). Play alternates until the Survivor either escapes or is killed.  

In a solo game, the zombie turn is controlled by an AI using dice.

Whether you're still breathing or hungry for brains, you'll need some supplies. 30 Seconds to Live comes with everything below, allowing players to play as either the Survivor or Zombies.